General sales terms & conditions
General sales terms & conditions

1. "Hostellerie Kemmelberg" is an official sign board of Top Experiences Belgium bvba, also abbreviated as "TEB".

2. The National Identification number of TEB is BE 0849.843.526

3. All payments must be done on the KBC bank accountnumber BE30 7380 3716 9311

4. All invoices are payable in cash at the address indicated below.

5. We point the guest on the lien that TEB has as hotellier under de Belgian law (article 1612 of the Belgian Civil Code°): TEB has a lien on the goods of the traveler; TEB may prevent that de guest/traveler takes them outside the hotel until his debt is paid.

6. As payment methods are accepted : cash, Maestro and credit cards from AMEX, MasterCard / VISA

7. In case of non payment of an invoice there will be charged an interest of 1% for each commenced month. On an annual basis, so this equates to 12%. There is always a cost of 15€ per reminder charged.

8. Only the courts of Ieper have jurisdiction.

9. All correspondence relating to invoices, credit notes, business litigation, etc. must be fed through Top Experiences Belgium bvba,  Kemmelbergweg 34, B-8950 Kemmel.

10. Anyone who does business with TEB is believed to have taken notice of these terms and conditions and accept them too full. There are never allowed in principle exceptions to these terms and conditions.

11. If booked by a group for a meal in the restaurant, there will always be an advance to be paid of 30%. This must be paid within 7 days after receipt of the payment invitation. If this amount is not paid in time the hotel management may decide to cancel the reservation. In such case no compensiation will be paid by TEB.

12. Each booking for the hotel from 3 rooms is considered a group booking.  Here are special cancellation policies applied. Up to 3 months before the check-in date, the group booking is cancellable without costs. For less than three months, the cancellation costs are calculated as follows:
                o <= 14 days: 100.00% to be paid
                o Between 15 and 31 day (s): 50.00% to be paid
                o Between 31 and 42 day (s): 33.00% to be paid
                o Between 6-12 weeks: 20.00 € /room/night to be paid

13. For group reservations are always required a deposit of 30%. This must be paid within 7 days after receipt of payment invitation. If this amount is not paid in time the hotel management may decide to cancel the reservation. In such case no compensiation will be paid by TEB.

14. Any non-group reservation of a room is free cancellable until 15 days before the check-in date. After this date the full amount for the stay must be paid. This amount consists of the room rate, the tourist tax, and eventually the reserved meals and extras.

15. Cancellations and changes to a reservation must always be in writing. Telephonic instructions in this regard will never be accepted in order to avoid misunderstandings.

16. In case of a "not show up guest", an additional administrative fee is charged of 50 €/room.

17. Check-in in a room starts at 16h until 23h, unless otherwise agreed explicitly in writing. For early or late check-ins, additional fees may be charged (due to organizational implications that bring this with them).

18. During the stay, the hotel (TEB) can decide to make an interim invoice. On simple demand this interim invoice must be paid immediately.

19. The hotel/restaurant asks every restaurant and hotel guest, and its possible invitees to be respectful at all times with the other guests, the management, the staff, the room and all the provided materials. If not, the hotel management can immediately put an end to the stay. This is done by a verbal notice. In this case the guest must immediately pay the entire stay. Such cases are treated as a late cancellation by the guest.

20. The tranquility must at all times be guaranteed. Instructions given by the hotel/restaurant staff must be followed up accurately.

To ensure the night's rest of the other guests the bar applies strict opening hours. Basically, the bar closes on ordinary days around 11:00 pm and on weekends (Friday and Saturday) at 12:00 pm.

21. If a theft is detected, the police is anyway informed about it. In addition to prosecution, an administrative fee of 250 € will be charged. It appears immediately on the final bill. Taking allong the provided literature (for example In the lobby, rooms, etc.), soap and lotion bottles and towels in public restrooms, etc. is considered as theft and treated as such.

22. The client and the contractor are jointly and severally liable to the hotelier for any form of damage caused to persons, to the building, furniture or equipment of the hotel and also for the places accessible to the public. The damage must be reimbursed immediately (and is therefore added directly to the hotel or restaurant bill). If you have something broken or damaged, report the damage to the front desk and settle your debt. So you avoid that the amount of the invoice that will be invoiced later, will content additional administrative costs.

23. The person who made the reservation and those who accompany him or her, are jointly and severally responsible for all loss and / or damage to TEB and / or to any third party as a direct or indirect result of their stay, whether it was caused by acts or omissions of themselves or of others present with them in the hotel as well as any damage caused by any matter which they are entrusted.

24. Incorrect use casu quo, not leaving the room correctly behind, additional (cleaning, ventilation, trimming) costs are charged.

25. All sold goods remain the property of TEB bvba until full payment of the invoice on which the goods are listed.

26. Where in a review on the internet, the written press, on TV and so on ... information about the hotel / restaurant or its servants / staff is given, then the hotel has always a "right of reply". If the defense of the interests of TEB dictate the identity of the host, his behavior and circumstances of his residence and / or dispute will be announced. It is expressly agreed that TEB must not obtain any further consent of the host.

27. It is the guest strictly forbidden to give individual tips (or other compensations) to the staff of TEB in order to obtain free things that would normally have to be paid via the hotel bill. Tips are basically only issued to the reception which are in its totality at the disposal of ALL TEB employees chambermaids, waiter, chefs, managers).

28. The responsibility for goods given into custody is regulated by Articles 1952 to 1954  quater of the Belgian Civil Code. The customer is explicitly asked to use the safe which is present in his room.

29. Pets are allowed in the rooms and in the lobby. They are forbidden in the areas where food is prepared or served. The lawn should not be used for the pets to do their needs.

30. The parking is provided "as is" at the disposal of the guests. TEB is not responsible for any accidents (for instance: trees falling down, branches blown off, etc.). Guests must behave as if they were on the public road.

31. The hotel / restaurant uses various electronic devices to ensure the safety of their guests and goods. Every guest  anyway agrees that he / she is being monitored by, among other, cameras. In accordance with the relevant laws, all images are automatically deleted after 31 days.

32. If either a guest or the person (he or she) who accompanies the guest, or by his doing was present in the hotel, or even a visitor, accidentally appears upon a photo and / or a video that will be used for a TEB publication or for use on the Top Experiences Belgium BVBA website, his consent to the use of the photo and / or video in the publication and / or website is suspected, even if he / she is recognizable on the photo or on the video.

33. All rooms and all public areas are totally smoke-free. It is absolutely forbidden to smoke in the rooms, bathrooms and private or public toilets. The wrongly set off, of the fire alarm leads immediately and without recourse to a fine of 250 €. If it is established that - against all hotel rules - there was still smoked an additional cleaning fee of 150 € will be charged.

34. If there are several interpretations possible through the translations of these terms and conditions, the Dutch version remains the only correct one.

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