Opening Hours

Hostellerie Kemmelberg is basically always open, albeit with the following exceptions:

Annual leave: January 2020.

To know on which days the HOTEL is open: consult our online booking module or contact our reception at or +32 57 45 21 60. Do not trust third party booking web sites since they do not always reflect our correct data.

Opening days

Groups are always welcome by appointment.

Our gourmet restaurant is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays (except for groups that explicitly reserved for this). Our hotel guests can go to one of the many fellow restaurant owners in Heuvelland, Ypres or Poperinge on these days. We are happy to provide you with an extensive list of restaurants, eateries, etc. from various price ranges.

Opening hours

- Breakfast (also for externals) are served from 8 am to 10h 30. The buffet is supplemented up till 10h 15.

- the restaurant is open on Wednesday noon and evening, Thursday noon and evening, Friday noon and evening, Saturday noon and evening and Sunday noon and evening. Always make a reservation, please. If no reservations were received, the restaurant can be closed by the management. Please inform yourself before coming to the restaurant. Telephone: +32 57 45 21 60. In case our restaurant is closed, our guests can go for lunch or dinner to one of our collegues in Heuvelland (Kemmel, Dranouter, ...) or Ypres.

- The restaurant is open:
from 11h 45 (one can come in till 13h 30)
from 18h 45 (one can come in till 20h 45)

- The hotel bar is open till 23h on weekdays and 00h on weekend days and official hollidays (up till 15 minutes before the official closing time one can order a last drink) - after this hour we guarantee no noise to our hotel guests (so no more noise on the terraces neither, please).

- The hotel reception is open until 23h.

Check-ins are from 16h till 23h (unless specifically agreed otherwise)

Check-outs are basically from 8h to 11h

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